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We Partner with Schools

Delivering smiles since 2001

Dental Access Carolina seeks to improve the oral health K-12 students by reducing barriers that make it challenging for them to see the dentist.

Busy parents face huge barriers in scheduling regular dental visits for their children, including:

  • Scheduling appointments around work schedules, or being forced to miss work altogether
  • Organizing transportation to and from the dentist's office
  • Locating a dentist that accepts the right insurance

We eliminate each of these obstacles. We provide compassionate and comprehensive care to children on-campus during school hours in fully equipped mobile clinics. We focus on building truly winning relationships with all involved: the parents, the schools, the dental team and, most importantly, the students!

Parents win, because we eliminate transportation headaches, lost time from work, and the hassle required to locate the right provider.
Schools win, because we reduce the nursing and administrative time required to coordinate treatment for students experiencing pain or urgent dental needs.
The dental team wins, because they provide an invaluable service to patients and parents who appreciate their efforts, all while enjoying a reasonable standard of living and enough time to spend with their families.
The children win, because the treatment we provide lets them focus on learning, not on pain!

How We Do It

At the beginning of the school year, we work closely with school nurses and staff to obtain parental consent to treat their child. We determine a schedule that works best for each school based on its individual needs, ensuring that we see every student throughout the school year. At all times, we prioritize close communication with both school representatives and parents, keeping everyone informed of all scheduled treatment.

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