Working with Dental Access Carolina

Dental Access Carolina, L.L.C. is a groundbreaking concept developed by John E. Reese, III, D.M.D. Dr. Reese identified a significant need for dental care among economically disadvantaged schoolchildren. He discovered the majority of these children, though eligible for Medicaid, had no regular dentist and received little to no dental care. In an effort to remedy this unfortunate situation, Dr. Reese designed a mobile dental clinic capable of providing comprehensive preventive and restorative services to children at their schools. He approached the South Carolina Department of Social Services, South Carolina Dental Association, South Carolina State Board of Dentistry, and York County, South Carolina School District Three Superintendent with his idea and received overwhelming support. Encouraged by positive feedback, Dr. Reese entered into a contract with York County School District Three, and Dental Access Carolina began operation. As Dr. Reese gained experience with his mobile practice, he developed systems to increase efficiency and reduce overhead. Due to his unique operating system, Dr. Reese was able to earn a living comparable to a traditional brick and mortar practice without the long hours.

As Dental Access Carolina's services expanded beyond York County, Dr. Reese developed a business model where dentists operate as associates with Dental Access Carolina to provide care to children. Dentists practice in mobile clinics designed and built exclusively for Dental Access Carolina. The company provides staffing, access to a fully equipped mobile clinic, computer hardware, software, and technical support, instruments, supplies, and most importantly PATIENTS. Dentists work flexible schedules providing comprehensive high quality preventive and tooth-colored restorative care to children at schools and can earn a living comparable to that of a traditional practice - without the headaches! Their commitment to quality treatment has earned them the distinction of being used as adjunct teaching facilities by the Medical University of SC, College of Dental Medicine.

There is a Need

  • According to Health and Human Services there were 350,686 South Carolina children eligible for Medicaid in 2000.
  • Of the 350,686 only 146,546 received dental treatment.
  • A total of 204,140 children or 58% did not receive dental care in 2000.
  • According to SC DHEC, less than 5% of children referred to the dentist by the school nurse actually receive treatment.
  • Dental Access Carolina will treat these children by making care easily accessible.
  • Read the article from the Academy of General Dentistry on Medicaid failing kids by clicking here.